Clean-up: Help us keep camp clean and neat by picking up after yourself and picking up any litter you may notice in the area.  Remember, Girl Scouts always leave an area better than they found it.

Food storage and consumption:  Do not store or consume food in any sleeping area. Rodents have become more abundant in recent years, and food attracts rodents, insects, and other critters. Any food or snacks you bring should be in sealed containers, marked with your name, and stored in the Kiva kitchen.    

Quiet Time:  Respect the needs of others, and observe quiet from 10pm to 6am near the sleeping areas. 

Alcohol: Moderate consumption of alcohol is allowed during the reunion.  However, no alcohol is allowed at the Laura Van Pelt Center or in the dining hall during meals. Additionally, no alcohol may be consumed in any of the activity areas (e.g., swimming pool, riding arena, archery range, hikes or rappelling). Reunion staff reserve the right to amend the policy if needed.   

Tobacco:  All Camp Mitre Peak buildings, tents, and program areas are non-smoking. Smoking is allowed only at the front gate behind the dumpsters. The area is extremely dry at this time, so ashes and cigarette butts must be placed in a fire-proof container.

Fire arms:  Camp policy prohibits possession of guns or fire arms at camp.  No hunting or fishing is allowed on camp property.    

Children:  Children ages 8-17 are welcome at the reunion and may participate in the reunion activities, although they must be 10 or older to participate in archery (council policy) or horseback riding (vendor’s policy). Parents must accompany their children to all activities and must supervise them at all times.

Pets: Service dogs are allowed. No other pets are allowed beyond the parking lot. If you wish to keep your pet in your RV in the section near the archery range, the pet must stay in the vicinity of the RV at all times and must be on a leash or otherwise restrained when not inside the RV. Pet owners must clean up after pets. Notify us at if you plan to bring a service dog or a pet that will stay in your RV.