Check-In: Check-in will take place Thursday, August 4, 2022, 3-5:30 pm. at Ms. Effie’s (Old Caretaker’s House) west of the parking lot. For those arriving at other times, check in will be at the Kiva (see Camp Site Map). If your arrival time changes from the time you indicated on your registration, email us at or text us at 512-633-3401 so we can have someone available to assist you with check-in.


Parking:  After entering the camp gate park in the parking lot across from Ms. Effie’s. Lock your car and take the key. Reunion staff will be available to help you with your gear, and a truck will take your gear to your unit. Camp is currently experiencing extreme fire danger, so no cars are allowed beyond the parking lot. If you need assistance getting from place to place at any time during the reunion, an electric cart will be available. Please let us know if you anticipate needing this assistance.


Early arrivals: We know you are eager to get to camp, and we are all eager to see each other! However, the reunion staff needs preparation time for the event, and we cannot accommodate participants on the days preceding and following the reunion. If you arrive early or would like to stay late, we encourage you to spend some time enjoying the surrounding area. If you arrive before 3 pm on Thursday, you may park in the parking lot, leave your things in your car, and proceed on foot to the Kiva porch where there will be hospitality and conversation. After 3pm we will check you in and assist you with your luggage.


Lodging:  Every effort has been made to accommodate needs and preferences.  Unless you have chosen to lodge outside camp or are bringing an RV, you will receive your tent/cabin assignment at check-in. If you have special needs that were not listed on your registration, contact Ann Grimes at