Request for CMP Stories:  This year we are looking forward to the 75th CMP Reunion and being “Out at Camp Mitre” in togetherness! The canyons will yet again echo with the sound of scouts laughing and singing and listening to the descending notes of the canyon wren. Creating memories can be a transformative experience at Mitre. Some may have influenced your life’s direction or may have even changed your heart. Or, you may have stories that you just automatically remember when you think of your time at Mitre. The CMP Historical Collection committee invites all attendees to share your Mitre stories and allow us to include your fondest memories and stories in the Camp Mitre Peak Historical Collection archives. In addition, we would like to request any old pictures and/or your albums of camp and any other old camp memorabilia you would be willing to bring to the reunion to share. Also, consider sharing or loaning photos and memorabilia to the Camp Historical committee for future display or research. With all pictures and stories please include the year or decade, camp names and actual names or other important details, as much as possible.

Email your CMP stories to Kerri “IDK” Gillespie at

“So come out and join us and share your stories too. Be a member of our happy laughing crew”.