Safeguarding the health and safety of our event participants is a high priority, and prevention is our best strategy. So please adhere closely to health and safety guidelines. Volunteer medical personnel and/or First Aiders will be available to assist with the needs of participants. Please report injuries, illnesses, or other medical needs to these volunteers. 
Respect the Climate: Remember, you are in the desert, so drink plenty of water and protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen and appropriate clothing, including a good hat. Sturdy shoes, socks and a shirt with sleeves are strongly recommended. Long pants are recommended for work projects.  
Respect the wildlife: Do not attempt to feed wildlife. Enjoy watching wildlife from a safe distance. Be alert for venomous snakes, and report venomous snake sightings to event staff. (Snakes are now captured and removed from camp).  We are in an area where many animals and plants can poke, sting, and otherwise harm you, so watch where you put your hands and feet. Depending on the season, mosquitos can be abundant in some areas, and insect repellent may be needed.   
Infectious diseases:  To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, please attend this event only if you are feeling well. If you are unsure of your health status, please obtain medical advice and assistance as needed before coming to the event. On the way to camp, be aware of situations that might expose you to illness and wear a mask when appropriate. Consider wearing a mask if you are using public transportation. At camp, wash your hands frequently. If you begin to feel ill at camp, please report your symptoms and request assistance. We will assist anyone who is too ill to remain at camp in making arrangements to leave the event. If you become ill within two weeks of leaving the event, please notify us at so that other participants can be informed.